Our Story

CREM is a service provider in the areas of Research, Enterprise, workforce management training delivery across Nigeria and West Africa. CREM is set to equip organization’s human resources with skills, competences and change creating capacities. CREM’s focus is on People, Process and Technology and service on how enabled change in each of these areas can lead to enhanced Service delivery and customer satisfaction.

The Centre  keeps individuals and organizations abreast with new developments and learning in all the essential cross functional skills

About CREM

About CREM

CREM thus exists to enable organizations keep in touch with state of the arts development and competences in their business areas with a view to enabling such businesses as a whole  to remain attuned with global trends in the areas of staff capacity and competences, organizational improvement, business management, technology skill acquisition and general organizational health. CREM’s inputs assists businesses to remain competitive.

Our Vision

To be the leading institute for enterprise and management training and education in West Africa

Our Mission

To institute and promote a continuous research based approach to enterprise and management education leveraging appropriate technology and best practices.

Our Culture

  • Collaboration
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Determination
  • Passion
  • Customer Satisfaction

Our Values

  • Discipline
  • Responsible action
  • Professional ethics with an emphasis on honesty and integrity.
  • Client Centricity
  • Quality
  • Partnership

Our Operational Objectives

To deliver state of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and management services characterised by

  • Speed
  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Team Work
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity &
  • Enterprise